Rough Night: Charleyhorses And Such

Last night was a rough one; I’ve been having some muscle pain lately (probably due to not having my work chair/office desk/keyboard/mouse set up at the right positions relative to each other). But then all of a sudden I got a massive charleyhorse in my left calf.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I’d been restless (we saw Oblivion last night, the images were striking), and I was tossing and turning a little. When it hit, the pain was kind of a mental shock, after being mostly comfortable and drowsy and mostly asleep.

I thrashed around and groaned and cried out, and David woke up a little. For a few sweaty moments, I wondered if I’d have to really wake him up to go to the emergency room – the pain was that bad. Then I decided to try to get up, but was surprised to find I was feeling dizzy, too. Back to bed for a bit – the pain made me think I was about to faint. Then I tried to just stand and put weight on the left leg, and like a miracle, the pain finally ebbed, and I could feel relief (and probably endorphins) surging through me.

What the hell was that?

I got up again, drank some water, took some stuff, and decided I need to eat better, get more exercise, and so on. Links: September 15th – November 11th

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