Why abortion advocates say the anti-abortion movement is rooted in White supremacy

In this episode of CNN’s digital series, “History Refocused,” Nicquel Terry Ellis outlines the anti-abortion movement’s historical links to White supremacy and how the overturning of Roe v. Wade has reopened a conversation about racial equality.
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#MSNBC’s Steve Benen Wonders About #TrumpPutin Again

Like #SteveBenen I also wonder why Trump never misses a chance to boost Putin while dragging the country that rejected him in the 2020 election.

Trump and Putin in Helsinki

What happened in #Helsinki – and why has the US translator never spoken out? Trump took the notes, but why? Is it merely a minor embarrassment or a major scandal that Trump wants buried?

With this in mind, it stands to reason that the former president, who went to almost comical lengths to make Putin happy while in office, would go out of his way not to appeal beholden to the Russian, especially in the midst of atrocities in Ukraine.

And yet, as we were reminded yesterday, Trump can’t seem to help himself. I wonder why that is.

The problem is not just that Donald Trump sided with Vladimir Putin over U.S. officials. It’s that the Republican keeps siding with the Russian leader.
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Because I Am Forever A Snickering Tween

The Manhattan DA revives the inert “hush money” case against TFG, and this little detail will never fail to make me snicker like a schoolgirl. I’m sure AG of The Daily Beans podcast will happily dust off her Pecker jokes!

Donald Trump’s face on Toad the Mushroom from Mario Kart, standing next to Stormy Daniels

The Times reported on Monday that witness David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer, a tabloid that helped broker the deal with Daniels, was seen entering a building in Lower Manhattan where the grand jury has been empaneled.
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Jim Jordan presented with factual details he prefers not to know

Amazingly, Jordan continued to spew talking points. Also amazingly, Chuck Todd did a journalist’s job.

Chuck Todd gestures while fact-checking Rep Jim Jordan as Jordan repeats talking points

On “Meet the Press,” Jim Jordan was presented with factual details that debunked his talking points. He acted as if he didn’t want to know the truth.
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Flybe: all flights cancelled as airline ceases trading | Flybe | The Guardian

We didn’t book Flybe for the accounts I’m on, but when I used to support a UK-based company – and I’m not surprised at all.

The regional airline Flybe has ceased trading and cancelled all its scheduled flights, leaving passengers stranded and hundreds of crew without jobs.
Customers advised not to go to airport and to contact their booking agent
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The one change that didn’t work: I started baking sourdough – and discovered my obsessive side | Baking | The Guardian

I did manage some decent sourdough

Unlike the author of this article, I did eventually produce decent looking sourdough, with best results using Foodgeek’s easy oat sourdough loaf and very little discard or wasted starter. But getting the timing right is hard, and I also bought a lot of “magic gear” that didn’t make it easier, but did make the process more pleasing.

“I was getting up at 6am to meet the demands of a yeast culture I could never bend to my will. It was a relief to finally give up trying”
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