Five Reasons Mitt Romney Is Losing: 3. The Obama Delusion

Ran across this just now via a Twitter link, great site and nice formatting, too.

I’ve been wondering about this false narrative of failure, too. It’s another example of political projection; they’re still sore that “George W. Bush was a miserable failure” in the Googles.

Obama has been a lot more successful than Republican obstructionism ought to have allowed him to be; guess we can add “Republican obstructionism is a miserable failure” to their list of dubious accomplishments

In Republican reality, President Obama is a failure. You’d only suggest otherwise for purposes of making a joke. But in reality, the only people who consider an unmitigated failure are those who consider George W. Bush a success. President Obama didn’t blow the surplus, invade the wrong country and preside over the worst financial crisis in half a century. But he did end the war in Iraq, get bin Laden, save the auto industry while passing student loan, credit card and health care reform. Accomplishments like a law mandating equal pay and ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell aren’t impressive to the right wing. But to most Americans the improvements have been palpable. The stock market, for instance, has skyrocketed, which is no consolation to those still out of work. But it means security for the millions of Americans with 401ks.

via The National Memo » Five Reasons Mitt Romney Is Losing

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