Turned Off Auto-Posts To Facebook For Now

I’ve turned off a couple of auto-post features for now, at least through the end of the political season.

The Twitter Tools plugin has a “create daily or weekly post from tweets” feature, I’ve turned off the weekly tweets posts as my usage has spiked, probably to an annoying degree, on my main account. I’ll migrate the political and topical news commentary and reaction to a different account, and pare my “follows” back to more personal topics on the main account.

I’d rather not irritate my real-life friends and acquaintances further with my current interest with the political process. It’s only going to get signal-to-noisier.

The Facebook Connect plugin has a “publish to Facebook” feature that I’ve turned off, but I can kick it off manually on individual posts. If you want to read everything I post, which lately isn’t that much since I got into Twitter, read it here or via the feed.

According to my comments archives my only readers are spammers and bots anyway, so nobody is likely to be affected by these changes. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Turned Off Auto-Posts To Facebook For Now

  1. i’m not a spammer or a bot! i just read you in goiglefeed, so you wouldn’t be seeing me! i maybe even register as a bot!…?

  2. Hooray! I wasn’t sure as I thought most REAL readers were seeing it via Facebook! Thank you, Elithea.

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