Linkdump: June 18th – July 5th

The Economist Covers The Anglican Angle

The Anglican Communion | The high price of togetherness |

On the brighter side from the Communion’s viewpoint, some Americans who went to Lambeth do now have a better sense of the social and political constraints on bishops in traditional societies. One African bishop recalls that after news reached his country of the gay-friendly stance of America’s bishops, a senior Muslim asked him, in bewilderment, whether he too had ceased to be Christian. “I came to understand as never before that there are places and cultures where it is not possible to discuss [homosexuality],” said Bishop Jeff Lee of Chicago.

Wow, my bishop gets quoted in The Economist. Yay, Bish! Your videologs rocked!

Elsewhere in the article, the problem of conservative parishes marooned in liberal American dioceses is discussed, in connection with the cross-border poaching problem. But the problem of liberal parishes marooned in conservative American dioceses is not worthy of discussion, and neither is the problem of gay Anglicans marooned in countries where there are laws on the books that make homosexual acts punishable by death. Hmm.

Greasing The Tracks The Wrong Way

Animal fat leak halts Metra trains —

Commuter rail service on Metra/s Union Pacific West Line has been halted indefinitely at the height of the afternoon rush hour because a stalled freight train is leaking animal fat onto the tracks, Metra officials said Friday afternoon.

It’s a sticky situation: high winds and high humidity and high temperatures, plus an unGodly amount of spilled animal fat that’s forced all the roads that cross the tracks in a long section of the Metra West Line to be closed, except for IL-83 and York Road, which cross via underpasses. Also, I-355 and I-294 are probably seeing higher traffic – my husband David is more than likely stuck in traffic right now.

It’s a huge mess. Plus, all kinds of people are stuck downtown trying to get home, and Metra will probably have to start loading them on buses to get them on their way, if they don’t get the freight train moved and the tracks powerhoses off.