Flybe: all flights cancelled as airline ceases trading | Flybe | The Guardian

We didn’t book Flybe for the accounts I’m on, but when I used to support a UK-based company – and I’m not surprised at all.

The regional airline Flybe has ceased trading and cancelled all its scheduled flights, leaving passengers stranded and hundreds of crew without jobs.
Customers advised not to go to airport and to contact their booking agent
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The one change that didn’t work: I started baking sourdough – and discovered my obsessive side | Baking | The Guardian

I did manage some decent sourdough

Unlike the author of this article, I did eventually produce decent looking sourdough, with best results using Foodgeek’s easy oat sourdough loaf and very little discard or wasted starter. But getting the timing right is hard, and I also bought a lot of “magic gear” that didn’t make it easier, but did make the process more pleasing.

“I was getting up at 6am to meet the demands of a yeast culture I could never bend to my will. It was a relief to finally give up trying”
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Eugene Levy steps out of his comfort zone in The Reluctant Traveler | Boing Boing Well here’s something I didn’t know I needed in my life that I now need in my life. A new series is coming to Apple TV+ where the infamously indoorsy Eugene Levy is sent on wild adventures around the world. This is a guy who hates to even get his hair wet. I think…
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Back to the future: how Mastodon is restoring the lost art of online conversation | John Naughton | The Guardian

The Guardian takes notice of Mastodon. Reconstructed mammoth or mastodon

The new social network with its interconnected ‘fediverse’ is a welcome alternative to blustering rival Twitter and Elon Musk

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STALEMATE: When the GOP is already past its pull date on the first day.

Outside of the speaker’s role effectively running the House, they are also in the line of succession for president – raising questions about what happens if there’s no one in the position that’s second in line for the presidency after the vice president.

The Senate president pro tempore is third in line. Sen. Patty Murray was elected to that role Tuesday, making the Democrat from Washington the first woman to hold the position.
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Where Gratitude Gets You | #HiddenBrain #Podcast

Many of us struggle with self-control.  And we assume willpower is the key to achieving our goals. But there’s a simple and often overlooked mental habit
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I am totally a grasshopper. But a good thing to practice in the coming year is gratitude, rather than trying to guilt myself into a goal.

Posting to my #Wordpress blog this via the #Tooot #sharesheet in #iOS as a “publish immediately” post. The “draft” option in the #iPhone app didn’t trigger the #Mastodon plugin. It works from the desktop version but there’s a little checkbox that should always be ticked. The phone app doesn’t have that option.

Listened to this #HiddenBrain episode this morning, and I’m grateful for electric power, warmth, clean water, love, and a couple of simple gifts.

Jeremy Clarkson Not Fired, Shunned, Or Banished. Why?

Who wants to watch a millionaire who posts awful things, and is somehow still on TV and writing opinion columns? 

They need him down on his farm at Diddly Squat. 

Kevin Lygo says presenter should apologise for column about Duchess of Sussex that attracted record number of complaints
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