Because I Am Forever A Snickering Tween

The Manhattan DA revives the inert “hush money” case against TFG, and this little detail will never fail to make me snicker like a schoolgirl. I’m sure AG of The Daily Beans podcast will happily dust off her Pecker jokes!

Donald Trump’s face on Toad the Mushroom from Mario Kart, standing next to Stormy Daniels

The Times reported on Monday that witness David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer, a tabloid that helped broker the deal with Daniels, was seen entering a building in Lower Manhattan where the grand jury has been empaneled.
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Please Don’t Pardon Blago

Disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich rang in the new year by penning an editorial for a conservative website arguing that current House Democrats who have impeached President Donald Trump also would have tried to impeach Abraham Lincoln.
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That Was No Single Voice

The delusion is strong with this one. There were several hundred voices heard OUTSIDE. Maybe a lot more than that.

A few hundred people (or more) protested in 105-degree heat in Phoenix

“Don’t bother,” Trump said, as the crowd booed. “It’s only a single voice. And not a very powerful voice.”

Source: As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned

For some time now, since the awful night of the US Presidential election, I’ve been spending far too much time om Twitter, trying to process what happened, and trying to resist in some way. In December, Star Wars and Star Trek themed “memes” started going around, and they really resonated with me. As a lifelong science fiction/fantasy aficionada, stuff like this really spoke to me:

And late in December, Carrie Fisher died, and that really hit me hard. 

Somehow I fell in with a bunch of people running “resistance” Twitter accounts based on Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Dr Who, and many other fictional universes. I choose to be a lone wolfess-type character from ST: Next Generation called “Ro Laren.” She’s obscure she goes her own way, but she does her best to resist tyranny.

They were somewhat loosely coordinated by this guy, “Captain’s Log,” and today he’s recovering from a huge protest rally and march in Phoenix.

He even got called out by Ezra Levin of the Indivisibile Guide for helping to organize and motivate turnout.

So Trump and his Trumpettes can crow and strut and boast all they want, hundreds of people were out there in the heat shouting, chanting, and resisting. It was not a single voice, it was a chorus of many hundred voices.

Much of this was coordinated through Facebook, Twitter, and various Indivisible local groups in Arizona. The wall is going up, but it’s built with people power, and resists the intolerance that Trump is trying so hard to dismiss and normalize.

We are the Wall. We are a chorus of many voices.

And in the case of the recent protests in Boston, we are many thousands, and we have tubas, sousaphones, and trombones.