Fake Reality: Cryptid, The Swamp Beast

It’s shot like a reality show, but it’s scripted. Supposedly based on real interviews and reenacted, it’s about a Louisiana mystery beast called the “rougarou” that various law enforcement and other investigators are tryiing to track down becausue it’s been killing animals. Then a body is found, and 2 guys are missing. There’s multiple cameras, a soundtrack, complicated technology (thermal cameras, helicopters), and it moves along briskly.

At least there’s not a lot of the endless repetition of what’s gone before, at the begining of each segment after one of the (many) commercial breaks. I’ve been watching a lot of crappy “reality” shows lately, mostly the ones with “secrets” or “mystery” in the title, because they’re very hootworthy. However, this fake reality show is at least entertaining.

egends of strange, unidentified creatures that stretch back for centuries. In the Northwest, many credible people swear to have sighted Bigfoot. Near Lake Champlain, locals have sworn up and down to seeing a strange, prehistoric-like creature in the water. And down south in the swamplands, it’s no different–some of the most deep-rooted and fearsome monster stories have endured. In the new original series Cryptid: The Swamp Beast, one of America’s oldest mysteries and bone-chilling legends comes to life through dramatizations, eyewitness accounts, real news reports a

via About Cryptid: The Swamp Beast – HISTORY.com.

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