Sen. Durbin Takes On James OKeefe | @RepJoeWalsh needs schooling

NPR may be in a defensive crouch, but at least one Democratic lawmaker is publicly pushing back against James OKeefes war on public broadcasting: Sen. Dick Durbin D-IL.Durbin took to the Senate floor on Monday to mount a defense of NPR and PBS and attack OKeefes credibility. Noting that previous OKeefe tapes have been found to be misleadingly edited, including his footage of ACORN in which he posed as a pimp, Durbin said that the same tactics were being used to go after NPR. He cited a widely circulated analysis by Glenn Becks website, The Blaze, as evidence.”Mr. OKeefe appears to be engaged in creative editing again, and this time his target is National Public Radio,” he said. “Thats not just my opinion. The website of none other than Fox News own Glenn Beck — thats right, Glenn Beck — compares the edited and unedited versions of Mr. OKeefes latest video and concludes that the edited version appears to be deceptively edited in order to portray statements by one of the secretely recorded NPR execs out of context.”

GOOD JOB Sen. Durbin, now sit my Congressman, Joe Walsh, down and tell him how he’s made a fool of himself by voting to defund NPR. Also, please get on Twitter.

via Sen. Durbin Takes On James OKeefe | TPMDC.

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