Spammers Booted (For Now)

US firm Savvis was allegedly earning up to $2 million a month from 148 of the world's worst spammers, a former employee had claimed. Following talks with anti-spam groups, Savvis has now promised to get rid of the spammers using its network.

I'd never heard of Savvis, but the subsidiary they bought and "inherited" the spammers from didn't have a good reputation from what I recall (I used to read some of the anti-spam newsgroups back in the day). However, it's likely someone will form a new corporation to pick up all that lovely business, because Savvis really, really liked the income. So I won't be looking for a reduction in the penile power/viagra/Nigerian scam mail for a while yet.

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One thought on “Spammers Booted (For Now)

  1. I’d love to see spammers ordered to hand-write a note of apology to each and every spammee: rather like Steve Martin in “The Jerk” writing a zillion checks to his customers. Though it is not such a good idea as it would result in the deforestation of the globe in about seven and one-half hours.

    I don’t know anyone who admits to purchasing from spammers’ ads, ever. Maybe it is the same ones who scratch & dent cars in parking lots (also never anyone that anyone else knows).