Only The First Of The Month, and Already…

Whoa. Last month I cracked the lid open a little, and I'm still not sure why. My stats page logged 9,030 unique visitors. Probably 8,999 of those were spambots and trackback zombies, but still. Apparently the mere mention of H.R. 4437 drove a lot of visitors here. Huh? All I did was link to an article. Anyway, today being the first of the month, I checked to see what people are searching on today. And the result is pretty predictable:

Search Keyphrases (Top 10)
somali woman 2 7.6 %
newton tomb 2 7.6 %
capaccio bros 1 3.8 %
having children another lifestyle choice? 1 3.8 %
living in neighborhoods with bratty noisy kids and neighbors 1 3.8 %
cute couple nicknames 1 3.8 %
hr4337 explained 1 3.8 %
charlie dimmock 1 3.8 %
carter oosterhouse shirtless 1 3.8 %
carissa gaghan videos 1 3.8 %

There's some old favorites, like the one favored by fans of "The DaVinci Code" and our old friend Carter, whose image is a favorite with people who like to swipe it for their Myspace pages (but which renders our friend Laughing Man). I'm not sure why the Somali Woman story is so popular, though. It seems to have resonated for some reason.

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