Google Romance

First, there was Google. Then, there was Google Mail. Then, Google Images/Video/Maps.

Now, there’s Google Romance. If you’re single, this is way, way better than eHarmony, and no annoying ads on late-night TV. They seem to have coordinated with local radio stations, such as Chicago’s WXRT, for this promotion. Isn’t it romantic?

Although, it’s a shame that today is the Final Saturday Flashback for WXRT. We’re in the last hour now, so we’re listening to songs from 1978 that Ruined The Nation: Boogie Oogie Oogie and so forth.

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One thought on “Google Romance

  1. You realize that XRT is pulling their annual April Fools, don’t you?

    This is possibly their most masterful gag yet, as they’ve been promo-ing it all week.

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