Watch Out For My Mom, JPL Geeks!

Hey, wacky NASA guys! Careful with that thing, you could have hurt somebody – like my MOM for Christ’s sake!! Jeeez! Be more careful next time.

(when I saw the news footage at lunch, with only sketchy closed captioning, it looked like they were finally reported the aliens had landed… really hard.)

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4 thoughts on “Watch Out For My Mom, JPL Geeks!

  1. Who is in charge of NASA PR? We see yet another televised failure with full cable coverage when most us us were unaware of the mission until we saw the crash! Leave it to the guvmint.

  2. Exactly – I thought this was equal parts Rube Goldberg, Hollywood, and Mr. Wizard. Why did we not hear about this before? It sounds both interesting, innovative, and endearingly gung-ho geeky.

  3. It’s been in the Utah news for weeks. No one here seemed too concerned. It landed exactly where it was supposed to, only without the benefit of the parachute. The copter pilot’s have been training for months to “capture” it on hooks as it landed. Not all was lost – they have been able to recover a lot of the info so it’s not a complete bust (sorry for the pun)

  4. There was a great joke this morning on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” news quiz. The category was “Who’s Carl Kassel This Time?” and for his clue he just said “THUD!” The answer of course was “The Genesis Capsule crashing to Earth.”