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Hi!!! Welcome to (no suggestions) NASA Rash Rasp! At least, that’s what the fine folks at Codeflux’s webpage validator thinks this blog should be called.

(we interrupt this blog entry for a message from Ronco)

“Oh, no! what’s that on your face? a birthmark? Acne? The heartbreak of psoriasis? But dermabrasion is so expensive! What to do?”

“Now with the power of no suggestions NASA Rash Rasp! you can safely and inexpensively remove blemishes at the subdermal level and beyond!”

“This space-based technology, used by NASA to rid space stations of unwanted biological pests, uses the power of micrometeorites to gently but extremely thoroughly exfoliate your skin (reconstructive surgery and skin grafts not included).”

Honest, I was just fooling around over at Codeflux (I’ve used their Internet Tools Gateway for years in order to verify spam headers). It’s a very useful, familiar site – so when I noticed they had a web page validator I thought I’d try it for a lark. I knew the results would be weird because I already tried that via W3C’s site – which, by the way, was no fun at all. They generated a lot of boring code errors that David said were okay to ignore (and besides which, it turned up its nose at MT-do – the Way of MT).

But Codeflux not only returns helpful suggestions for fixes (it pointed out a couple of places where open and close brackets were messed up), it will actually spell check your entire site! Everything you’ve ever said! Whammo!

Since it’s genetically hardwired into me to appreciate wacky spelling errors and typographical fox paws, how could I let the opportunity pass?

Here’s what Codeflux’s spellchecker returned:

Blogula_____________no match_(no suggestions)
Dominick’s__________near miss_Dominic k’s
Hmm_______________near miss_Mm Ham Hem Him Hum HMC
Maui_______________near miss_Magi Maul
OpenComments______near miss_Open Comments
OpenTrackback______no match_(no suggestions)
Rasa______________ near miss_ NASA Rash Rasp
TrackBack__________near miss_Traceback Track Back
ginny______________near miss_finny Jinny tinny gunny
trackback__________ near miss_traceback track back

Hey, there’s another Ronco product – the Magi Maul. I think that’s used in movie theaters to deliver a resounding backhanded “THWOPPPP” to that annoying guy that always sits right behind you and puts his feet up on the seat next to you. Right by your head. Ya know da jamoke I mean? One tap ta da melon, an’ fuhgeddaboudit. (sold at finer Dominic the K’s everywhere).

Also, it appears that Codeflux is partly written in Old Entish.

Thanks again for stopping by no suggestions NASA Rash Rasp!

See you in cyberspace, pioneers!

(signed) _______ finny Jinny tinny gunny, _______

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