Maui A Moo – Moo

Hmm – bitter cold, dark, and icy. Seems like a good night to blow off choir practice.

Why do I keep pissing and moaning about this? Oh, I don’t know… something about it just makes us all happy and contented (not to mention covered with a significant fraction of the beach).


Gosh, that was fun. If only Steve had stayed buried. We’d still be there. 😉

UPDATE 12/02/04: some slight upgrades. It’s only taken me a year to learn how do deal with images ‘n shit.

What A Scurvy Lot Of Scalliwags and Scalliwenches

STEVE – international man of intensely focused relaxation
Why not kick back and spend some quality time with a good book?
But be ready at a moment’s notice to go snorkeling. Or nap.
This is multi-tasking, island style, brah!


The wetsuit: “Surprisingly comfortable reading wear.”

After all, it’s your vacation.

Earle – hereditary ruler of El Sarong
Wear whatever you like.



You are the Lord of Leisure,
the King of Slack.

All shall love you, and despair…
for dude, you are wearing a basket on your head.

Joe – fashionable raconteur who packed for a ski trip
Go ahead. Surround yourself with beauty. We dare you.
Your wife probably won’t mind, stuck back at work in the cold Midwest.



Naaaaaaah. Well, maybe a little.
The Mai Tais? Better suck ’em up. Might be the last time you get lei’d in a while.

David – the one and only hubby bubbeleh
Aww. So cute. At one with the ocean and the fishies and the (ouch) coral.
Absolutely happy as a clam… full of clam juice… with no linguini in sight.



Hey, what’s that shadow behind you? Honey? Look out for that b-b-blark!

The Crew Of The Mothership Hale Pau Hana –25 pounds of rice?
Ah, good times. Good times.


Earle, Sandy, Steve, Suzanne, Joe, Ginny, & David and a too few many mai tais

Bad, bad wardrobe and worse color coordinating, but good times.

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