If It Isn’t On Strava, It Didn’t Happen

I messed up getting one of my 2 rides Saturday into Strava, it was only partial because I forgot to turn my Garmin computer-tracking thingy on. Then this ride doesn’t show up in the widget on the right column, because later that day I decided to jump on my fitness bike that’s now up on the trainer, and apparently it doesn’t get captured or something to WordPress.

It’s on Strava, it did happen. I rode for an entire hour, pretty hard. It went quickly because I had music going and ended up snagging some songs for iTunes to go in a “cycling” playlist. Thank God for KUNC’s all-music stream. Feel free to donate to them, too.

specialized hybrid bicycle on training stand

Diabetes Sucks: Help Me Raise $3000 in Tour de Cure Chicago 2016


In December, 2014 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and will be riding in Tour de Cure Chicago on Team Red again this year to raise money for research and to help STOP DIABETES. Why? because diabetes sucks! For the second year running, as a person living with diabetes I wear the Red Rider jersey for training and on the day of the ride.

This year, if I raise $1000 by January 1, 2016, I will commit to ride 65 miles on the road, instead of the 40 mile ride on the trail. I’m not currently comfortable as a road rider and I need all the support and commitment I can get.

Please visit my fundraising pages:


Or if you visit this site, your location will be tracked on a little map before it re-directs you to my ADA page.