Remembering Pete Seeger: The Banks Of Marble

My friend the late Fr. Paul Brouillette was huge Seeger fan and fellow banjo player; he once played and sang this in church. He was that kind of guy, and today he welcomes his hero to the celestial jam session.

I once heard a young Occupy Chicago protester sing it via a live Internet feed. Still relevant, still rousing the rabble, Seeger’s passing means the banksters have one less whiny folksinger to criticize them.

Links: October 11th – October 24th

Fr.Paul sings Plastic Jesus


Father Paul pulled out a very beautiful old Pete Seeger Custom banjo and sang a few lines of “Plastic Jesus” today in church; he’d have had a sing-along going if he’d thought to print out the lyrics, and as it was a lot of people at the early service knew the song and helped him remember the middle section.

I told him about a terrific interview my husband David and I heard on Bob Edwards Weekend, which airs on Sundays on WBEZ. I’m tracking down all the related links I can for it to send to Fr. Paul by email. Apparently, there was an amazing special on PBS that we missed, but maybe we can find it via TiVo. The associated blog post for the broadcast is here,

I could not find a simple link on to the interview, I had to subscribe to the podcast after tracking down the date, which was the weekend of February 23-24.

February 23-24, 2008


* Pete Seeger was banned from American commercial television for more than 17 years, after topping the pop charts and being blacklisted. Seeger wrote or co-wrote many of our most iconic folk songs. Now almost 90, Seeger is still performing and still writing. He’s publishing a new songbook this year and the PBS program American Masters pays tribute on February 27th with Pete Seeger: The Power of Song.


* Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan previews the 2008 Academy Awards. He tells Bob which actors, actresses, directors and movies should expect to bring home Oscars this year.

* Bob talks with composer James Newton Howard about his career and about his Oscar-nominated score for “Michael Clayton.”

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I can has iPhone?