The phrase “Walsh Got Deliciously Screwed In Redistricting” Never Gets Old #p2 #IL08

Kossack David Nir gets to consume e tasty beverage of his choice; his diary on Rep. Joe Walsh’s reported $3.5mil campaign fund windfall got quoted on Huffington Post. That’s not quite as prestigious as being cited in Time or The New York Times, but it’s a pretty good showing.

Especially as HuffPo’s Meghan Neal quoted my favorite political turn of phrase of the current election cycle.

The closest I ever got to seeing my Congressman was when I showed up at a “small business” forum held nearby. Took photos of all the media trucks and went home.

Well done, Kossack! Keep covering what’s likely to be a high-profile race here in the IL-08 Congressional district.

Walsh got deliciously screwed in redistricting…

Meanwhile, sources suggest that Boehner may be wielding his political influence in congressional races outside his home state. Chicago’s Daily Herald has sources saying Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) was convinced to run in the Democratic-leaning 8th District in part by a promise of $3.5 million in general election fundraising help from the speaker. As a Daily Kos writer put it, “Walsh got deliciously screwed in redistricting and wasn’t left with a lot of good options: The 14th is also home to fellow GOPer Randy Hultgren, so that would have meant a major primary battle. But the redrawn 8th isn’t really a district that Republicans have much of a shot in.” Walsh announced his decision Thursday, saying the “idea of ceding this seat to the Democrats just felt wrong.”

via Election 2012: Boehner’s Staff Used Backroom Antics To Shape Congressional Races, Report Shows