Things Done for January 6 2013 #fb

Things Done

  • Uploaded Christmas pictures to the St Nick’s
    Facebook page
  • Dinner with Mitch and Gloria, played with my doggie schniece, Rosie
  • Went to church and sang, sang, sang. Choir mistress cracked the whip!
  • Did all my post-op oral care stuff morning and evening
  • Shhh! We’re growing bone. It’s like backfilling your gums, people

Things Left Undone

  • Work on new web graphic for St Nick’s website.
  • Update blog, ditto
  • Need pack away Christmas box and last of the ornaments
  • Need reorganize boxes in basement

Inspired by a Facebook
post by Gillian Horvath; list accomplishments daily. Some days, getting out of bed counts!

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