Bye Bye, Boys: Bashir Takes a Parting Whack at @RepJoeWalsh And The Rest Of Bunch

Martin Bashir and Luke (Not Your Father) Russert take a satisfying whack at Rep. Joe Walsh, Todd Aiken, and Allen West. Then Bashir bats around Michele Bachmann, who technically is not a boy, although she resembles the famous “Bat Boy” of “News of the World” fame.

As predicted, many of the more obtuse Republicans (okay, Tea Partiers) believe their Election Day losses are due to having a candidate who just wasn’t conservative enough. Some of them blame Karl Rove; others blame Republican leadership. They blame candidates who said stupid things about rape, but not the mentality that made them think that way in the first place.

via Tea Partiers Blame Their Loss On Everyone Except Them | Crooks and Liars

By all means, Tea Potty-poopers! Keep the GOP on the run by forcing them into primaries with totally non-viable, lunatic-fringe TP candidates in the next election cycle. It makes them so much easier to pick off when they shoot themselves in the foot first.

I long for the day when we can have 2 reasonable, rational parties working together for the best interests of the country. That can’t happen as long as the religious Right and the alternate-reality paleo-conservatives have the GOP held hostage.

Bashir has a history with Walsh; he famously “called out” Walsh back in September 2011 over his refusal to attend President Obama’s speech before the joint Houses of Congress over the budget crisis “not even on behalf of your constiutents.”

As a soon to be former constituent of Congressman Joe Walsh, I’d like to thank Martin Bashir for this gem:

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