Back In The Blog Saddle Again

It’s been too long, so I’m just going to start blogging things again.

First up: it has to be said, AOL email addresses are not cool, they indicate that the sender is stuck in a rut, and sometimes people make value judgements about you if you’re using one.

If famous people are still using AOL emails, it’s because they can’t be bothered.

AOL addresses are not a status symbol. This is another example of the sycophantic logic that twists powerful people’s flaws into reinforcing how much better they are than normal people. Mark Zuckerberg’s too busy to buy presentable clothes! Steve Jobs can’t give to charity because it will distract him from the crucial work of figuring out how to make a computer .1 inches thinner. Barack Obama shouldn’t quit smoking, because it helps him run the country better.

The only status an AOL address symbolizes is your status as an old person, stuck in the mid-90s. Whether they are checked at the public library or on a media mogul’s purple Blackberry while flying first class, the AOL address is nothing more than a digital AARP card.

via Is an AOL Email Address a ‘Status Symbol?

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