Teabagger @RepJoeWalsh Sluffing Obama’s Speech in Schaumburg UPDATE: 5 Media Vans!

UPDATE: Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t make a fuss about getting in – I was turned politely away by a nice lady who just kept repeating “It’s a Small. Businesss. Forum.” when I asked if it was open to the public.

If I’d pressed the issue (could have claimed I’m a really, really SMALL business owner since I have a shop on Second Life’s Marketplace), I might have ended up like these people.

When I got to the Prairie Center, there were FIVE media trucks, some guy with good hair smiling as he spoke on camera to the local FOX News affiliate, and a radio guy doing a live on-scene in a back corridor. I tip-toed past him as I was a few minutes late and wearing squeeky shoes. Sorry, WBBM listeners!

There were several shy looking women standing around looking baffled, watching the media guys. Most of them disappeared into a classroom for a CPR class or something. The meeting was already in progress and the doors were closed, but people were still arriving and signing “contact cards” at the welcome table and going in.

My conversation with the nice, perfectly coiffed and carefully accessorized lady at the sign-in table went like this:

Me: “Is this event open to the public?”

Lady: “It’s a Small. Business. Forum.” *brittle smile*

Me: “But is it open to anyone? I’m a constituent.”

Lady: “It’s a Small. Business. Forum…. Representative Walsh has done numerous Town Halls in the district – 10 in 10 days – and is happy to meet with constituents, Republicans, Independents…anyone.”

Me: “I’m a Democrat.”

Lady: “Those too.” *even brittler smile*

Me: “And they should be. *significant pause* Most of the Town Halls were held during my working hours.”

Lady: (gamely tries to list all the recent ones in the area)

Me: (tries to be agreeable, mentions the one in Barrington she missed)

Lady: “Yes, that was the most recent one nearby.”

Me: “So… it seems there is no point in waiting around.”

Lady: *silent smile as she welcomes a prosperous gentleman and signs him in*

As I left (I came in via the ticket office entrance, which was “the back way” as far as the media were concerned), I noticed 5 media trucks in the lot, one harried looking female producer talking to someone on a cell phone and looking irritated, and… a Schaumburg Police patrol car just pulling into the lot for a look-see.

I hardly think that was just for me – maybe it was just for all the media attention that the “small. business. forum.”had gotten because Walsh was a no-show at the President’s speech. I tweeted, I took a few pictures, I drove away.

Afterwards, I almost stopped at Oberweis but THAT’s owned by a GOP right-wint a-hole religious nut, so I went to Baskin-Robbins instead.

Ice cream never hurts.

Yes, my Congressman is that media-chasing guy who never misses an opportunity to bray about his nearly constant media appearances. He’s proud to represent IL-8 Second Sound Bite

WASHINGTON—Rep. Joe Walsh, who is skipping President Barack Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress, has announced details of a forum he’ll host tonight in Schaumburg.

Walsh, a Republican from McHenry, is a freshman and allied with the tea party. His small-business forum on job creation will be held at 7 p.m. at the Prairie Center for the Arts, 201 Schaumburg Ct.

via Skipping Obama speech, Walsh will hold forum in Schaumburg – chicagotribune.com

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