Weekly Tweets 2011-06-19

  • RT @StNickEpiscopal ""O Comforter, draw near, within my heart appear, and kindle it, thy holy flame bestowing." Hymn #516 for Pentecost" #
  • The Teaparty/GOP want to reconstitute the nation in their fantasy image, and Frank Luntz wants to be the Framer of the Reconstitution #
  • Just Desserts: RT @TLW3 "Harold Camping Suffers Stroke http://is.gd/lJH2Nd / Irony " #p2 #p21 #dems #tcot" #
  • I predict the wackiest one wins. RT @NewsHour "Seven GOP presidential hopefuls take the stage tonight http://ow.ly/5gpzx (Morning Line)" #
  • RT @chicagotribune "Crews responding to 'incident' involving WWII bomber in #Oswego http://trib.in/m9poSh" #
  • It's Mitt Romney and the rest as candidates debate in New Hampshire http://t.co/AiLWgSJ #
  • My #SL self goofed that joke up bigtime. #
  • GOP's Guy Smiley leads polls; he debates Stinky, Blinky, Noblinky, Pinky, Ginky and Hinky tonight but NOT Winky. http://is.gd/bvdgqs #
  • Another way to look at it is tonight, at least, Santorum and Bachmann are to the left of Romney. http://is.gd/bvdgqs #
  • Horribly busy. Horribly horribly busy. Too busy to contemplate the craziness that is Bachmann today. #
  • Almost total. #totallunareclipse #
  • Will David Vitter ever resign over his sexual scandal? Depends. #Weinergate #
  • RT @Msjournalist "Judge's clerk comes out and asks lawyers & govt to come to Judge's chambers. One reporter shouts "I object" #Blagojevich quot; #
  • RT @dvnix "RT @sickjew: Clarence Thomas's wife, Ginni, reportedly quits Liberty Central: POLITICO.com http://is.gd/7sKrnp #p2 #tcot" #

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