Those Crazy People At Intersections Wearing “Impeach Obama” Signboards Probably LaRouchies

I saw those weirdo “Impeach Obama” guys at the corner of Golf and Roselle again on my way home. Took a picture of the guy (sorry for bad quality, blown up from mirror shot) talking and laughing with the guy behind me.  The driver actually gave money to this… Bozo. They must travel around the area with their little signs and clipboards – here’s a story from a while back:

Impeach Obama petitioner, probably a LaRouchie

The middle-aged man hoisting an “Impeach Obama” poster appeared to be intelligent, level-headed, and sincere. But the fliers he handed out at the intersection of US 30 and Mississippi Street in Merrillville sort of defeated his efforts.

They showed a large image of President Obama – sporting a Hitler mustache – under the headline, “WHY OBAMA MUST BE IMPEACHED.”

The flier, dated Feb. 7, 2010, was created by the (Lyndon H.) LaRouche Political Action Committee, a well-known organization for such materials.

The man handing them out seemed eager to give me the flier and even more eager to take my name and phone number before I had to speed away to make the green light.

I’ll let you know what his staffers tell me when they call. Stay tuned. In the meantime, does anybody take these people seriously?

These same affable, slightly kooky middle-aged guys were at the intersection of Golf and Roselle again today, complete with the Hitlerized Obama picture on the front of the sandwich boards they wore. On the front, it read “IMPEACH OBAMA he is a socialist!” (in what appears to be Comic Sans) and on the back it read “Obama is a cracker.”

I locked my door and shook my head as he went by, but he hit pay dirt with the car behind me – the driver was very jolly as he handed over some cash! I kept hollering “Are you kidding me? are you KIDDING me with this?” but fortunately for my blood pressure the light turned green. They were still talking and laughing behind me, as horns started to honk.

They’ve been out there before, but hadn’t seen them in months. I suppose today’s passage of START and the signing ceremony of DADT was enough to put them over the edge again.

I promise to get a better picture next time. That picture of Obama makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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