21st Century Medicine: Welcome to the Future, Already

My current doctor doesn’t refill prescriptions from pharmacy faxes or voicemails, nor do they call the pharmacy even if asked. Yet the office hours are very limited, and I can only get a refill by scheduling an office visit, or begging the pharmacist to call the one office on the right day at the right time.

I’m now on my second “emergency supply” because I screwed up Tuesday and didn’t beg the pharmacist; he said “have them call or fax” and I funked it. I called the office, asked what their hours were, and hung up. Should have immediately called pharmacy RIGHT THEN but I thought they’d call anyway.

Called the doc’s office today and receptionist huffed “The pharmacy never called Tuesday. WE don’t call and WE don’t fax. We don’t refill prescriptions from [alternate office,] because your (paper) chart is at [slightly closer office].

Called pharmacy, explained. She said, “well, we normally fax, or leave voicemails and wait for them to call back. How do they expect to service you?”

“That is exactly the problem, ma’am,” I said.

She promised to call the doc’s office tomorrow morning: they are open.

Tired of fighting about this Made an appointment at a refreshingly convenient time after getting a referral from a friend after asking for a doctor located in the 21st century.

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