Is Too Much, I Will Sum Up

I’m still alive, and hoping to break free of my Google Reader addiction in order to fall back into the more creative addictive habit of actually blogging something about what’s going on in my life or in my head.

Today is Caturday. There, I’ve blogged something. And I’ve been wrasslin with WordPress, updating all three of my sites/blogs. Er, well, I have a fourth blog but it’s quite inactive at the moment, it’s Riley the Cat’s blog.

I’ll get around to that later – he’s much too lazy to do his own blogging and I’m too lazy to do my own, let alone channel my cat’s much more interesting thoughts.

Anyway, this blog is now updated and I’ve been through the wringer trying to follow the instructions for getting one of my handy plugins updated – Twitter Tools now has to go through an API-like authentication process and the instructions were a little opaque as to what to fill in. Also, one major pitfall: if you have multiple blogs and multiple Twitter personae as I do, you really do need to log out of the Twitter developer’s app and re-log as the next account, or you end up with everything under one account.

Also, you have to fill in a bunch of fields with various consumer keys and sekrit tokens and what-nottery and it’s all too easy to paste into the wrong field, under the wrong account. Plus, you reach a point where you have to put in an even more sekrit access token and the instructions don’t point you in the obvious direction of clicking the “My Access Token” link once you succeed in filling in the fields in the first screen. Also, on the first screen, you have to name your “application” something that Twitter will find acceptable, like “[Blogname’s] Tools” but not “[Blogname’s] Twitter Tools” because the word “twitter” can’t be used. It took at least 3 tries to get past the initial registration page, which got me the consumer keys, but the tokens were under the link in the right-hand column.

The other point of this boring saga is just to see if this post shows up under the right Twitter account, GAH.

PS we had a great weekend last week downtown taking the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s boat tour, but my camera wasn’t working and it’s already been sent for repair or possibly will end up buying a new camera body, BAH.

PPS I also went for another mani-pedi indulgence day at Spa Martinique. This is a most untomboy-like thing for me to do.

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4 thoughts on “Is Too Much, I Will Sum Up

  1. A comment! A comment! From a real person I know!

    ::bounces around happily::

    Well, I have or had Blogspot blogs too, but got bored with the limitations (this was back when I was blogging a LOT, mind).

    But thank you for stopping by!

  2. Heh. Yeah, both the Twitter Tools instructions and the new Twitter API stuff are less than, um, user-friendly.

    OTOH, they work. And I’m sure there’s some grand and glorious reason why we had to do it …

  3. The first two are working, here and on my Second Life blog, and I think the church one is working too.

    Now to actually Blog More Stuff!

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