Behold, The Incredible Farting Clogs!


Just bought these at Lowe’s, after trying them on with socks. Without

socks, every step makes a fart sound.

Time to go fart around in the garden!

UPDATE: And so, I have finally committed shoe crime, not with ugly, yet trendy Crocs, but with ugly, unfashionable flatulent Sloggers ™.

The really irritating thing is that there are actually some cute gardening clogs and rain boots at that site, but the cheapo “Nautica Blue” ones Lowe’s sells are the farty ones. I’ll have to drill or melt some decorative little ventilation holes to try to cut down on the flatulence, which I admit is pretty damn entertaining but also kind of distracting.

I should have gotten an earlier start on the garden stuff today, when it was foggy and cool, but I was too busy drinking coffee and listening to NPR on WBEZ. And then I spent some time watching the family of polyandrous ducks that seem to have decided our backyard pond is a nice place to hang out (Riley was very intrigued). Too bad the pond will go away as soon as the draintile project is done, sorry Mr and Mrs and Mr Duck.

I spent some time hoeing out weeds in the front beds and spreading a little mulch, but it soon got hot enough that I decided I’d gotten enough vitamin D for the day (no sunscreen) and went inside. That’s when I realized that there were omens telling me it was really a good time to stop:

  • Accidently turned the shower on as I stood, fully clothed, in the tub to rinse my feet
  • Bobbled the water bottle bite-valve I was trying to clean right into the toilet

Quitting time, or “Time to quit slogging and start blogging.”

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Title: Behold, The Incredible Farting Clogs!
By: GinnyRED57
Originally uploaded: 22 May ’10, 1.09pm CDT PST

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