Gradec Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra


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Title: Gradec Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra
By: GinnyRED57
Originally uploaded: 24 May ’09, 3.14pm CDT PST

UPDATE: We were waiting for the next act, after a long day wandering around mostly in the corner of the Seattle Center site near the Northwest Court Stage. This room seemed to have become the default “indoor folk venue where we stick acts that don’t have enough draw for a big outdoor stage” place. In years past, there was a coffeehouse vibe and this kind of act was in the Alki Room, a multi-level place with good sight lines, room for a few chairs, and the ability to set up a small food/beverage/snack counter. Alas, not this year, as they had moved all the artist music CD sales into Alki. So we were somewhat crowded and there weren’t enough chairs. These guys were interesting, but not what I had hoped for, and we were waiting for the next act anyway.

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