Chuck Versus The Critic

@moryan celebrates the awesome news from this weekend that #Chuck was renewed. Everybody take a bow who helped #savechuck

Awesome news: ‘Chuck’ to return for a third season | The Watcher

But as you’ve seen as you read all the stories above, there’s a catch to the “Chuck” renewal. To ensure another season, “Chuck” will have to cut its budget (as is apparently the case with “Dollhouse,” which is also coming back). The show will have to let go a couple of writers, and some actors who were series regulars in Season 2 may only be recurring guest stars in Season 3.

I absolutely don’t want to lose the Buy More mayhem from the show (and I’ve not seen any reports that that will necessarily be the case). And the writing on the show was so good in Season 2 that the thought of losing any ace “Chuck” scribes is a tough development to ponder.

Yeah, there are times when shows catch lightning in a bottle (a phrase beloved of an acquaintance of mine who worked on such a show years ago), and if you let too many of your bugs out of the bottle to save on costs, the show no longer has the same sparkle. So it’s great that Chuck was renewed, but I’m sorry to hear that it came at the expense of one or more supporting roles, and some writing talent. It seems that part of any show’s success comes from the collaborative effort, whether it’s in front of the camera, or behind it.

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