Utah Roller Derby

Beware Zombie Rinkwomen! Utah has a lively roller derby scene, with avid fans and some truly awesome, Amazon-like warrior women. Check this photo out from the City Weekly blog.

Roller Derby: O-Town Report

“This was actually the best game we’ve had so far. It was back-and-forth the whole bout, very competetive, lots of stress and anger on the floor due to the score being so close–it was awesome. We got a broken tailbone, broken glasses and huge rink-rash bruises. The final score was Sucker Punch Sweethearts 132, Ladies of Capone 122.”

If I had to live in Utah again, I’d become a fan of these awesome women, who have a crusher-crash-chick vibe going and a refreshingly DIY approach to team regalia and player numbering. I’m not sure if it’s the black lipstick or the glowing, zombie-like eyes, but if I saw these women skating at me, I’d run like hell. They’re totally awe-inspiring.

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2 thoughts on “Utah Roller Derby

  1. Guess I will have to start reading the Weekly to see all the opportunities for entertainment.
    Did you get my invite for 7/11?

  2. I did get the invite and unfortunately it’s not during the weeks I have scheduled off for vacation (it’s like pulling teeth in a catfight getting the vaca days you want at work). Rats! But thank you for thinking of us.

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