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This isn’t the funny, jokey changelog version, this is an interesting project: a weekly review of changes at the White House website. Earlier the Internets noticed the site’s new robots.txt file, which prevented search engines from effectively finding information (especially damaging or unflattering information).

It’s a pretty interesting concept and I hope it shows up in my regular dKos feed.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

President Obama has stated his intention that whitehouse.gov will serve an integral role in offering Americans the most transparent and accountable administration in our history. And we all noted with rapturous glee just how fast they rolled this site out to us.

There will be an overflow of information, documents, posts, and video. Constantly. So I’ve decided to start up the Whitehouse.gov Change Log and record changes and updates to the site on a weekly basis.

First, in this inaugural post, I have to establish a baseline by documenting what is there right now, everywhere, and then we can just watch for updates. I’ll do a new post each weekend, where I discuss what’s new and interesting at the President’s webpage. None will be as long as this one unless the President rolls out a new Whitehouse.gov between Saturday and the next, like he did this week.

I hope this will be a fun project and that many readers will benefit from a concerted effort to track the development of form, function and content on Whitehouse.gov. – Ibid

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