NASA Might Need A New Head

The Obama transition team has set up agency review teams that are meeting with a boatload of government fiefdoms agencies. The team leader sent to meet with NASA administrator Michael Griffen ran into some trouble.


However, over at NASA, this process is running into a roadbloack: NASA administrator Michael Griffin. He has gone after agency review leader Lori Garver, who once served as an associate administrator at NASA, calling her “not qualified” to judge his rocket programs. After a “heated 40-minute conversation” between the two last week, a “red-faced” Griffin reportedly demanded to speak directly to Obama.


Sorry, the President-Elect is not available. Will President-in-a-Jar Nixon do?

If Griffin isn’t careful, he might find himself replaced as NASA head.


NASA! Straighten up, or hail your new Vulcan overlord!
Via Think Progress » NASA Administrator Muzzles Employees From Speaking Openly With Obama Agency Review Team

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