A Faceful of Frowns

The photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune features a number of people wearing a particular kind of expression; it seems to be common to many Illinois political figures in times of stress, bad news, or legal trouble.


Gov. Rod leaving for “work.” Anybody up for a spontaneous protest march past his home and/or office? I bet we could get 100,000 people, based on the latest poll.


Gov. Rod in court. Yes, he was in running clothes. Even though he was called and apparently awakened by the FBI, he chose to look like this in court. Must have laid out the running clothes the night before.


At least Harris took the time to put on a suit for his appearance.  It’s really more of a tight-lipped  “not sayin’ nuthin’ face” rather than a frown. That’s not a borrowed tie, either.


Mrs. Gov. Patti, not happy. As a daughter of Chicago Ald. Mell, she’s not unfamiliar with how politics and justice sometimes collide in Illinois. She’s got the frown down pat.  Do you sense the hand gesture, hidden by the wall?


Daley shows the classic “profile in frownage.” Is he worried about being next? “I dunno!”


Obama didn’t need this shit, it totally stepped on his face-to-face with Al Gore that day.


Speaking of stepped on, here’s a new favorite again.

Photos found at Rod Blagojevich: His years in public office — chicagotribune.com

Darn it, looks like I probably won’t make it to the CBA’s Christmas Spirits show by Saturday. They re-wrote their Blago sketch with literally hours to go before opening night, right after the news of the arrest broke.  And I’m stuck home sick, so I can’t really go to a Tweet-up tomorrow hosted by @ColonelTribune. Drat!!

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