Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me has Leonard Nimoy!

Now listening to the beginning of WWDTM, and later on the celebrity guest is Leonard Nimoy. Can I get a W00t?!?!?!

Apparently, Mr Nimoy did our favorite news quiz the honor of showing up in person, causing the staff much joy and making the dreams of at least one total dork come true (that would be host Peter Sagal).

There’s an entire set of photos at Flickr, but this is the one that makes me go “AWWWWWWwwww!”

As Peter noted just seconds ago, if you don’t know who Nimoy is or why Sagal is so absurdly pleased about his appearance on WWDTM, “then you are dead to me.” The tenor of the show seems to follow the lead of the title of the Flickr set, otherwise known as LEONARD NIMOY OMG OMG.

Nimoy also just noted that one of the current candidates for President encountered him at a political event some time ago and flashed the Vulcan salute with a smile. He noted dryly, “It was not John McCain.”

NPR : Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

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