Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Obscene Refusal of Food Aid

Zimbabwe dicator-for-an-indeteriminate-period-of-time Robert Mugabe is in Rome at an international food conference; his presence there has been called “obscene” by the UK and Austrailian delegations, because his “land reform” (ie., crony land-bribes) policies are putting his people in danger of mass starvation. Also, his thugs are in the habit of burning food supplies in areas thought to support the opposition MDC. He has also refused food aid in the past, because he wants total control over food supplies to “opposition” areas.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Zimbabwe blocks political aid

“Zimbabwe’s government has banned at least one international aid group from operating in the country for allegedly campaigning for the opposition.
All operations of Care International are now suspended, pending an inquiry into the claims.
Care denies that it “has encouraged or tolerated any political activity”.

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