Practicing Six Sigma CPM (Cat Poop Management)

I was checking out various cat litter systems when I ran across this gem in an old thread at Metafilter:

Best cat litter system | Ask Metafilter

One of the most important factors in cat poop management (cpm) is the type of food that you feed your cat. If you feed your cat dry food, the cat will have hard firm poop (hfp). If you feed your cat wet food, it is more likely to have messy squishy poop (msp). Msp smells a lot more than hfp, and it is much harder to scoop.If you want to practice six sigma cpm, then you should see if you can train your cat to eat dry food.

David remarked “Must have a background in QA…”


Riley is an extremely happy, lovey-dovey, and amusing little cat, but he occasionally advises us confidentially that he’d like a cleaner cat box. These confidential missives usually come in the form of an attractive nuisance, like an unwashed comforter, being left too long on the floor or on a couch. First, it’s a cuddleplace, and then… it gets anointed.

It may be that the catbox is a little too out of the way, as I never remember to scoop it and David does most of the “heavy lifting” in that arena. Perhaps a brand new Boodabox in the bathroom, with natural flushable litter, might be acceptable to his Grace, the Grey Feline Duke.

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