This American Life Backs Into The Future

the future is yesterday � This American Life to offer free podcast

Hurray! Hurray! We’ll get to listen to TAL any day! The blogosphere may sneer at Chicago Public Radio’s archaic method of getting the word out to the masses (they used a traditional news release) but the news is good nonetheless: I’ll be able to listen to TAL when I want, and not accidentally by being in the car when the show is on. That is, apparently they’ll offer the podcast of each week’s show free for 7 days, then it’ll be archived, where you’ll have to find it yourself. Reportedly, all those subscribers will be refunded the money they paid just so they could listen to TAL when they wanted, rather than mess with their rather clunky but free archiving setup.

It’s odd, but I never seem to tune in to listen while at home – it comes on several hours after our favorite Saturday morning shows on WBEZ, after some things we don’t care for as much. It’s also broadcast on Friday evenings, but at a time that we’re likely to be watching one of our many Friday night sci-fi shows. So this development, although a mite tardy, is welcome.

Via Boing Boing, who make modern life easier to take.

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