Dogged Determination

I have had 34 years’ worth of mutts and all but one of them is gone. Their ashes sit in nice little cans or pots on a bookshelf. Every once in a while, one of the containers catches my eye and I find myself saying, “That was a great dog,” even about the one who was crazy as an outhouse rat. The first one, who went to live with the mailman when I moved to Russia long ago, seemed to understand nothing but peeing and chewing up apartment quarter round, which he meticulously removed and diligently placed in piles. He lived a long and happy life on a farm.

Words to consider, as David and I are thinking about buying a dog. The “Rambling Gleaner” goes on to say:

Head on over to the local humane society or dog pound and there you see them, lined up in cages, many dogs caught in a hopeless bind because they don’t seem cute, don’t seem puppy like, don’t seem pretty.

We’re actually thinking about adopting a somewhat older dog – one that’s already been housebroken and so on. Dang it, I forgot to talk to David this morning about dogsitting this weekend for Jill. It seems like a good way to figure out if we can handle the responsibilities of doggie care.

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2 thoughts on “Dogged Determination

  1. You want a dog????? And who will watch it when you go on vacation? Older dogs have problems… no matter how nice the previous owner may be. Big dogs make big messes in your yard. Short hair dogs shed. Long hair dogs have to be “groomed” I love dogs….. dogs don’t ask for much except food, water, to go out and to be loved. Puppies are more fun….. a pain in the butt to train but then they are all yours…
    You really want a dog????

  2. Well, yeah, we’re talking about it. A low-mileage, housebroken, crate-trained type dog. But we’d first have to get the rest of the back yard fence installed.