WooTumblog Support


Added separate link “call” instead of trying to replace title… via dashboard.

UPDATE: Had to edit to add “quote” link and author to get this sort of working. Later, added the WooTumblog entry-title tag just above the woo_tumblog_content tags in posts and archives. I can live with a duplicate title, can style it differently to set it off with a link. I don’t like the Tumblr-like icon so I have icon=”false” in the tags.

UPDATE II: Getting closer, using custom title/link tag…

WooTumblog Testing… Testing


This is a test of the Article function of the plugin, which has rich text editing for adding images, links, and HTML so it’s already more functional than the QuickPress widget WordPress provides AND the advanced options include the ability to edit posting date, add categories, and something called “additional tumblogs”