Zimbabwe: An Yue Jiang Lost, Stolen, or Strayed?

The An Yue Jiang, the Chinese ship that’s supposed to be carrying tons of arms for Zimbabwe left Durban for port or ports unknown; some thought it was headed for nearby Mozambique, but the Mozambicans pulled an Amy Winehouse and denied it access (after first denying it was headed their way, hmm). Now it’s thought to be headed to Angola (there’s a lovely thought, how much of the cargo will actually stay in whatever port eventually accepts it?). The BBC News site has some smuggled video footage (they are banned from officially reporting from within Zimbabwe, but get around it).

Meanwhile, venerable maritime underwriter Lloyd’s of London reports a ship by the name of An Yue Jiang is a “casualty”. I couldn’t register to look at the report, even under the free trial membership. If anyone reading this blog has access to Lloyd’s reports, please post them in the comments section of the Sokwanele/This Is Zimbabwe post linked below. I saved a copy of the screenshot showing the ship on the casualty list, but can’t upload it for some reason.

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