Why didn’t the Episcopal Church split after the election of a gay bishop?

The 2003 election Bishop Gene Robinson as the Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop set off an internal debate within the Episcopal Church caused Professor Mathew Sheep, Business Professor at Illinois State University,  to ask how the church would respond and how it was that the Episcopal

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Why be Episcopalian?

THE MAGAZINE by Lisa Fischbeck “I don’t have any desire to be an Episcopalian. I just like the Church of the Advocate,” says the man who has been coming to the Advocate for 5 years. The Bishop’s visitation is ahead, and I’m trying to identify people who might want to get confirmed.

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The flags go down to mark the end of the SL11B Community Celebration

After a week of amazing events (which included three stages of 24/7 music and the Auditorium which hosted a range of fascinating talks and displays) and then another week to explore the wonderful builds, the SL11B Community Celebration comes to an end at midnight SLT today, Saturday 5th. And the flags that have been flying […]

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Today I Am Nine (in Second Life Years)

July 5th. Carl Metropolitan’s rezday. I’ve been in Second Life on and off for nine years now. Seven of those nine years were spent running new resident help organizations, first NCI from 2005 to 2009, and then Caledon Oxbridge from 2009 to 2012. Now I just run trivia games on Tuesdays and putter about Oxbridge and annoy the Lindens about fixing the new user experience.

See you all next year!

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The Drax Files : World Makers Really Are Good Documentaries About Second Life

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is not a publication that devotes much time to Second Life. They are mostly a PC Gaming publication. They did interview Rod Humble, but that seemed to be more to do with his background with Electronic Arts and The Sims, more than it was to do with Second Life. However this week […]

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See the latest Happy Hunting show and catch up on Hunt news!

This week Cinders Vale, host and hunt reporter, brings gifts from a wide variety of hunts to the set of the latest episode. Hotter Than Hell Hunt 2, Midsummer Night’s Dream 5 Hunt, Botanica’s Wonderland Maze and Artifact Hunt and The Young Gentleman’s Club are all represented on the set.

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