Need a laugh? Behold the ‘Staches of Santa Clara Men’s Cross Country Team

The Santa Clara Men’s Cross Country team is a glorious sight to behold. The team’s headshots have recently been circulating across social media, and the goofy photos — all featuring some sort of ridiculous mustache — are a huge hit. The East Bay Times explains: The growing of mustaches for team photo day is a…
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Two progressive Democrats plot a new course to fight Republican gains : NPR

Reps. Khanna and Raskin say Democrats should reclaim issues of patriotism, stay out of the political correctness business and improve their dialogue on racial divisions to reach out to all Americans.
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Can Democrats Win Back Rural Voters? | The New Yorker

I’ve said this for more than 20 years; we’re not helping rural voters if we snub them because it’s easier to canvass in the suburbs and cities. And rural voters control Congress.

The Maine state senator Chloe Maxmin and her former campaign manager, Canyon Woodward, the authors of the forthcoming book “Dirt Road Revival,” join Dorothy Wickenden to talk about intensive grassroots organizing as the key to Democratic success at the polls.
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