Lake Michigan’s deadly ‘freak wave’ of 1954 is Chicago folklore. Turns out it was a meteotsunami. And they happen pretty often. – Chicago Tribune

As beach season approaches, research suggests Chicago is pummeled by more meteotsunamis — an obscure type of wave that can crash ashore for many minutes at a time and pose dangers to swimmers and boaters — than anywhere else in the Great Lakes.
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Zagg Keyboard Key Replacement for Apple iPad Mini –

Zagg Keyboard Key Replacement for Apple iPad Mini, 100% OEM keyboard keys, Easy To Install With Video Repair Guide, Perfect Fit & Finish, Fix Your Laptop Today! Laptop Keys
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Just ordered a replacement R key, and boy was that harrrrrd to type. I hope I followed the right path for my iPad Mini.

I Need To Drop Some Pins

This is an interactive bike-ped infrastructure map. I need to add some comments but can’t do it on the iPad or iPhone.

There is a special place in hell for suburban planners who create closed-loop developments and cross-streets that don’t line up for safe crossings. And an even more special place in hell for golf courses that block all access.

Want to Eat Healthier? Simply Recipes Wants to Help! |

It’s a brand new year, and one of our big projects on Simply Recipes is finding ways to help YOU eat healthier. No diet plans. No restrictions. Just good food. What exactly do we mean by that? Here’s everything you need to know.
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