Oh The Immodesty! Utah Homecoming Hemline Flap

Toole (pronounced Two-Willuh) is a community west of Salt Lake in the western mountains south of the Great Salt Lake. A lot of the area economy is based on mining, and it’s probably a heavily Mormon-majority area, although there’s been a lot of development in the last few decades. I had some relatives by marriage out that way but didn’t visit long enough to get more than a fleeting impression of dry foothills and endless miles of salt desert along the highway around the southern end of the lake.

Just look at these immodest homecoming dance dresses! Um.


Okay, anywhere else, those dresses would be cute, stylish, not showing too much young cleavage, and with hemlines of a rather conservative length. Compared to the butt-skimming minis I see at the movies or the mall, they look mature, tasteful, and appropriate. Only In Utah would they be considered “immodest.”

One mom quoted in the article delicately raises the issue of “religious impositions,” which in Utah means “I kind of resent the local church mentality but I don’t want to offend anybody.”

Stansbury Park • A Tooele County principal apologized to students Monday after educators turned away dozens of girls from their weekend homecoming dance, deeming their dresses too short. As many as half of those who arrived to the Stansbury High dance ended up not going in after their dates and friends were barred from entering, students said Monday. In many cases, those who were stopped had dresses ending one or two inches above their knees.

via Principal apologizes after homecoming dance hemline debacle | The Salt Lake Tribune

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