Balloon Juice » One More Thing About Komen (It Forced Progressives To Grow A Pair)

THIS. Thanks to my Second Life chum RevPaperboy Boozehound for bringing this to my attention. I had been feeling the same way about the huge outpouring of progressive outrage over the Komen debacle, but this crystallized it for me.

DON’T believe the lies. EVERYTHING said about Obama, the economy, and the whole freakin WORLD by FOX Newa commentators and right-wing guests is a a GOD. DAMNED. LIE.

Progressives, assemble. Occupy your passion for justice, fairness, and universal healthcare.

This time, though, was different. It was nice to watch everyone go for blood, and sink their teeth in and get some. That’s what we need in the Democratic party. We need a killer instinct. We need to stop putting up with this bullshit from these crazy people. We need to fight back, we need to start running for local elections and state elections and running the show, and we need to go after them every chance we can. We don’t have to stoop to lies and innuendo, we can go after them with the truth, just like we did this time. They are lying about tax and regulatory burdens. They are lying about social security. They are lying about Obamacare and Medicare and Medicaid. They are lying about the environment and global warming. They are lying about poor people and black people and gay people and immigrants. They are lying about Obama. They are lying about everything.There is nothing noble or wise about trying to have rational arguments, or acting like the mature people when you are dealing with fanatics. This stuff is important. You should be pissed off and fighting mad.God damned this feels good for a change. God damn I am fired up for November 2012. No prisoners. No backing down. Republicans don’t want to negotiate or govern with you, they want you dead. So either reach down and grab a pair and fight back, or take what they give you. Your choice. I’ve made mine. And as we have seen this week, if you fight, and you don’t put up with the bullshit, people will join you and we will win.

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