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The Corporate-Person American movement is picking up steam… hilarious satire is always best when it flies a little under the radar. Stumbled across this when I was looking for images of Occupy cardboard protest signs for an event in Second Life.

From the serious to the absurd, spectacular imagery, costumes, and music will accompany a cast of characters who self-identify as “Corporate Persons” gathering to celebrate the first anniversary of their Emancipation from the shackles of disenfranchisement, and demand full recognition of a new minority status: the Corporate-Person American. They will unveil their giant “We the Corporations” reworking of the Preamble to the Constitution 13’x20’, and sign their names brands to the bottom.


Before passing judgment, please keep in mind that corporations are the most important engine of our national economy. And, while many Americans are upset at the amount to which corporations, lobbyists, and special interests control our government, there is a growing Corporate-Person American movement that does not begrudge corporations the rights and privileges of human beings, so long as human beings can, in return, claim the rights and privileges that corporations enjoy. Rather than complaining about Corporate Personhood, they are embracing it. They are incorporating, and fighting for their rights as Corporate-Person Americans. This may well be the civil rights movement of the 21st century, a movement of self-actualization and grassroots empowerment.


Now, rumor has it there will be a peaceful and respectful counter rally, featuring the giant 20’x 210’ replica of the original Preamble to the Constitution to celebrate inalienable rights as they were intended for actual People the breathing, bi-pedal sort.

via Introducing “We the Corporations” banner | Movement for the People

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