425-390-8105 Is Probably the ANTI Do Not Call Database

I received a call at work from a Renton WA number, and immediatly after got a spam text message. When I called the Renton number back, it was a voicemail saying “Welcome to the Do Not Call database. If you would like to be added to the database, enter your 10-digit phone number.”

Note, no “Federal,” no mention of a US governmental entity. So I assume that it was actually an opt-in database for phone spammers, based on a bit of Googling around as seen below. One commenter remarked that it’s probably “out of country” spammers using some kind of bundling service based in Washington state.

Link: 425-390-8105 / 4253908105 1/5

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2 thoughts on “425-390-8105 Is Probably the ANTI Do Not Call Database

  1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, they’ve called me a couple of times now. I’d complain to my Convressman, but don’t have much hope he’d be interested in the issue.

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