A Cuppa Hot Joe: TeaBagger Joe Walsh Melts Down, Yells “Don’t Blame The Banks…That Pisses Me Off”

Too funny. The wheels are coming off of Joe “Deadbeat Dad” Walsh’s bus. He’s not doing anything for the district, he’s been redistricted into a primary with another GOP Congressman, and he doesn’t deal well with critics. He prefers the “way to go, Joe!” sycophants on his Facebook page – there mostly fromfrom the Cro-Magnon Wing of the Republican Party.

I hope this teaches people in the district a lesson: “VOTE. Or the crazies win.”

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) met with some constituents in the Chicago suburb of Gurnee Sunday — and apparently didn’t like what some of them had to say about the role of big banks in the financial collapse.
The “Cup of Joe with Joe Walsh” event was held at an UNO Bar & Grill in the northern suburb, and “a number of topics were discussed,” according to Round Lake Area News. But, as ThinkProgress reported Tuesday, Walsh did not like when the conversation turned to big banks and their power within government. (Watch the conversation above)
After one attendee grilled Walsh about the lack of regulation which ultimately allowed banks to bet against their own customers, another pointed out the presence of bank lobbyists in Congress and other financial regulatory agencies.
Walsh cut off the man, and screamed at him: “Don’t blame the banks … that pisses me off” before telling the calm constituent that he was going to ask him to leave if he didn’t stop talking.

Link: Joe Walsh Meltdown: Screams At Constituents, Dont Blame Banks VIDEO – The Huffington Post


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  1. deadbeat should be in jail for not paying child support.. any other AMERICAN would be.. what’s up with that???????????????

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