Do Not Sass The Pilot Or Wear Droopy Drawers: It’s The Sky Law!

Oh for CHRIST’S SAKE. Yes, security is important, but security theater is impotent.

An entire US Airways flight was evacuated and the pilot placed a passenger under citizen’s arrest after he refused to pull up his baggy pants, reports NBC Bay Area.According to his mother, her son initially refused, saying that his hands were full. His mother says he then went to his seat where he pulled up his pants.The airline says the passenger refused to get off the plane and that’s when the pilot placed him under arrest. He was later charged by police with trespassing, battery and resisting arrest.US Airways released this statement: "The passenger refused to comply with instructions, so the captain exercised his right to make a citizen’s arrest after passenger refused to deplane."And that, my friends, is what we call Sky Law.

via US Airways Pilot Arrests Passenger For Having Baggy Pants – The Consumerist.

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