Weekly Tweets 2011-06-05

  • Last full day of #NWFolkLife for us. More music and performance-art people watching today, seeing a friend, and collapsing later. #fb #
  • At St Paul's Seattle for a little meditation and reflection (with music and incense). #fb #episcopal #
  • Wow. ::exhale:: Lovely service, very challenging modern piece by Arvo Pärt called Solfreggio. Acapella! #StPauls #Seattle #Episcopal #
  • My new Taiko career begins! RT @fallingrock "Taiko drummer @GinnyRED57 at #NWFolkLife #fb http://twitpic.com/53x8tq" #
  • At Sea-Tac, homeward bound to ORD. Flew @United out, flying @AmericanAir back, will be interested in direct comparison. #FB #
  • I goofed up our TSA info somehow; at ORD checkin @United kiosk agent said "There's nothing I can do here" and waved us off to far end. #
  • Then we had to find empowered agent to do manual override on kiosk. @United agents were surly, tired. Granted, it was late on a Friday. #fb #
  • Today: @Americanair tkt counter/kiosk agent barely blinked when error message came up, checked us in. UA 0, AA 1. #
  • . @knowyouronion Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and quick to leap off your lap, leaving deep bloody gouges. #
  • To @AndrewBreitbart's unpaid fanboy minions, Weiner jokes are endlessly funny. Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas must recuse. #
  • Chicago airport power outlets hidden, sit on floor. Seattle outlets plentiful at gates, restaurants, paid speed-charge kiosks. ORD 0, SEA 1 #
  • On time. Bye-bye. #fb #
  • Landed ORD. Jiggity jog. #fb #
  • Started reading Boneshaker on the flight from Seattle. OOH Zombie-fightin steampunk air pirates! #fb #
  • . @Shoq I gotta speak up for the rights of hot young sword-wielding Steampunk zombie fighters. #
  • GARAGE #PalinBusName #
  • FURTHURER #PalinBusName #
  • The Love eMission #PalinBusName #
  • Hey @chicagotribune how did debunked @AndrewBreitbart smear get past factcheckers on @RepWeiner hacked-account story? http://is.gd/OZ8WpB #
  • And the smears continue in comments. Sleaze succeeds. #
  • RT @iamepiscopalian "@OTOOLEFAN Hmm, not sure." Pretty sure she's a non-deNOMNOMNOMinational flavor #declinegracefully #
  • Lawrence h berry #
  • I cant be the only one that got email from either a total kook, or Satan. #
  • Satan's Facebook page: he needs demonic help with Farmville and Vampire stuff. http://is.gd/oKFcnF #
  • A flash mob of the Gays armed with fierce fabulous dance and fashion mojo needs to visit Roger Ailes' office. #
  • Sometimes I wonder how great FOX tv shows (Simpsons, etc) can stand to have even faint associations with Ailes and FAUXNews. #
  • Saw a bumper sticker for WCPT, a Chicagoland progressive radio station. More thoughty, less shouty. http://is.gd/yZIm7I #

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